Frequently Asked Questions

I also need a logo. Can you create one?

Logo development is typically done as a separate project, often before the website design. We can arrange for a logo to be created as we do offer this service. And we recommend that it be done first so that the website design works well with and matches the logo.

Why should I care if my website works on a phone?

More than half of all website views are now done on a phone. The phone has become our collective web browser of choice. Even if you don’t use a phone that much, many of your customers probably do. If your website is difficult to use on a phone, people will just move on.

What are your payment steps?

We require 50% deposit of the contract value at the time of starting the project. Once the site is finished the remaining 50% will be needed to enable full site functionality.

What type of support do you offer?

At PFGDS we offer the best service when it comes to support, our philosophy revolves around keeping out clients happy which in turn keeps us in business.

We offer full support from 08:00 to 17:00 – Monday to Friday.

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